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Women's rights activists from Kenya and the world over celebrated on 17th March 2021 The High Court of Kenya's ruling to uphold the ban on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). This follows the constitutional petition to strike down the Female Genital Mutilation Act filed in 2017 by Dr. Tatu Kamau who argued that prohibition of FGM forbids willing adult women from practicing per their culture. [Read article]

With survivors' testimonies considered by the bench, “We are not persuaded that one can choose to undergo a harmful practice. From the medical and anecdotal evidence presented by the respondents, we find that limiting this right is reasonable in an open and democratic society based on the dignity of women,” Justices Lydia Achode, Kanyi Kimono, and Margaret Muigai said in their ruling.

“The upholding of the anti-FGM law is a definite boost for campaign to end FGM,” said Felister Gitongo, programme manager for End Harmful Practices for Equality Now.

Now more than ever we appeal to you to donate towards our programs to ensure sustainable change in our community and the end of FGM. Click here to donate and share widely.

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